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Mammut 10.0 Galaxy Classic 50 M Reb - forstærkning Klatring,populær,billige online

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  • Model: Mammut 002790
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Mammut 10.0 Galaxy Classic 50 M Reb - forstærkning Klatring,populær,billige online_checkout
Mammut Klatring reb - forstærkning , Mammut 10.0 Galaxy Classic 50 M Reb - forstærkning Klatring,populær,billige online


Ideal For:

- Sportsclimbing
- Gym Climbing

Suitable For:

- Training/Workout Climbing
- Toprope Climbing


- Static elongation at 80 kg: 6.5 %
- Dynamica elongation: 31 %
- Impact force: 8,6 kN
- Weight [g]: 67 g/m
- Sheat proportion: 36 %
- UIAA-falls (1 strand 80 kg): 8–9
- UIAA dry test: 46 %
- Diameter: 10 mm

Rope production:

- Every Mammut rope is manufactured in Switzerland. Mammut uses high quality Polyamide 6 (Nylon) filament yarns.
- Several yarns are spun together to make a twine. Three twines are then combined to form a strand. A number of these strands form the core of the rope.
- The sheath twines are braided around the core strands on the braiding machine.
- Every single meter of rope is checked electronically for any inconsistency. In Mammut’s test lab and drop tower every single production batch is tested for all relevant specifications to maintain consistent performance standards.

Practical Tips:

Even some ancient ropes can still hold a «short» sport climbing fall, whilst in comparison, a brand new rope can break over a sharp edge. Therefore, the lifespan of a rope is difficult to define. It depends on the type and the length of use, on shock loading and other influences that weaken the rope. In the end, with the private user, it’s a personal safety decision. At the latest, if you no longer have confidence in your old, furry, unmanageable rope you should «down grade» it to top roping only. For commercial users keeping a rope log is recommended.

Independent of frequency of use, a rope should be disposed of if:

- The rope came in contact with chemicals, particularly acids.
- The sheath is damaged and the core is visible.
- The sheath is extremely worn, or particularly fuzzy.
- The sheath has slipped noticeably
- Strong deformations are present (stiffness, nicks, sponginess).
- The rope was subjected to extreme loads (e.g. heavy falls, clearly over fall factor 1).
- The rope is extremely dirty (grease, oil, tar).
- Heat, abrasion, or friction burns have caused damage.

The following table gives reference values for the usability of the rope:

- Never used: 10 years maximum
- Rarely used: twice per year up to 7 years
- Occasionally used: once per month up to 5 years
- Regularly used: several times per month up to 3 years
- Frequently used: each week up to 1 year
- Constantly used: almost daily less than 1 year

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